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10 Month Conscious

Self Immersion

Coming Soon!

The Your Conscious Self 10 month immersion program is designed to guide you to awaken, connect, and integrate to your Self. What's this Self stuff all about anyway?


The Self is the highest, truest source of you. Spiritually speaking, it's the center of your energetic world. It goes by many names: intuition, consciousness, higher self, ect. Being conscious means being fully aware. Awake. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Being conscious means you are in control.


Let’s get real, it sucks to feel out of control. Feeling like you go from 0-100 in no time at all. Maybe you feel like your emotions are controling you and you are powerless to stop them. Maybe you feel bad about yourself and live in shame and self-doubt. Maybe you feel disconnected from your partner and your relationship lacks intimacy. Maybe you are unhappy with your work (or lack of) and feel like the monotony of day-in, day-out is stunting your growth. Maybe you have come away from your spiritual self through judgement and non-acceptance from others. Maybe you feel like you constantly need the approval and validation of others. Maybe your bad days have turned into weeks, months, or years. Maybe you don’t truly know yourself. Maybe you’re just curious about self-growth. Or maybe, you’ve found yourself guided to this program like a strong force calling you home. If any of these “maybes” sound like you, then keep reading, your invitation awaits.


The Your Conscious Self home immersion program is designed to help you create positive and meaningful shifts in your life so you will be in control, or rather your true Self will be in control. Allowing this awakening to occur means significantly reducing negativity in your life and coming home to yourself.


This program is organized according to the moon cycles and seasons of your life. First, we will spend 1 moon cycle becoming acquainted to your past and committing to Self devotion. Then we will explore the body and our physical space. We will spend 2 moon cycles fully connecting to our sacred bodies. It's easy to start with the body, as many of us are drawn to the physical, what we can see and touch. Our minds easily accept the physical world, thus we will progress to deeper union as the program expands. Next we spend 2 moon cycles focusing on conscious exploration of the mind. Gaining connection to our inner world offers us opportunity to truly awaken to our reality. We will then commit to 2 moon cycles of conscious heart integration. Taking much needed time to better understand, accept, and explore our relationship to our emotions. Finally, we will spend one last moon cycle together where we will reflect and rest. We will honor the commitment to this journey and the power that has ensued. We will live in gratitude and conscious creation. 


Here’s a more thorough breakdown of what to expect:

Each month will include weekly video and/or written discussions, at least one guided meditation/visualization, writing prompts to encourage daily self journey, conscious commitments to reaffirm choosing acceptance and growth. Some weeks will also include separate activities in order to practice going deeper in creating transformative shifts. Each month will include either a live chat or a Q and A video. A big part of the program will be the private Facebook group where you will connect with other members on this journey for support. Some months will welcome guest guides with specialties including (but not limited to) holistic nutrition, shamanic work, energy work (reiki), massage body-work, herbal medicine, feng shui... (more to come).


Below is an even more detailed look at each month (each segment is coordinated with the moon cycle to give you an opportunity to connect to the feminine essence of the moon).


፧ Reflection and Devotion. We will spend one moon cycle reviewing the past year. We must consciously reflect on our past, in order to understand lessons and messages that can help us move forward. Looking back gives us the opportunity to grow and truly connect with the progress we've made because it is all progress.

We will also begin learning the language and techniques we will use throughout the rest of the course. We will begin implementing daily conscious practices to prep us for deeper Self devotion.


፧ Conscious Body. The next two moon cycles will focus on our Conscious physical space. Here, we will begin by awakening and connecting with the sacredness of our bodies. We will dive into our physical space by awakening our consciousness to our body. Our body is our temple, our home. We choose to house ourselves in light or darkness. Welcome the purity of radiant body awakening. Our bodies enable us to move fluidly, with intention. Our bodies send us constant messages. Learn to truly hear and honor these messages. Often we disconnect from our body because of trauma or distraction. We fear what re-connection will entail. Accept the invitation to welcome yourSelf home by devoting to truly connect with your body to develop a deeper union with yourSelf. Because what's outside of our bodies creates impact, we will also explore our environment and the influence it has in the sacredness of our space. *Take conscious control of your space and learn to honor yourSelf through intentional action.


፧ Conscious Mind. Next, we will spend two months in alignment with the cycles of the moon. Here we will connect with our minds. Our minds hold our thoughts, which create our reality. *You have the power to manifest your desires. Accept the invitation to shine light on your inner dialogue and learn how to awaken to your true inner voice. We will connect with our inner child, providing ourselves with the acceptance and nurturing that we oh so need. Give to yourSelf in the most needed, basic ways. Taste the love and acceptance of conscious thought flow. We will connect with our masculine and feminine selves, learning to accept and honor, as well as create balance. Our current society is built by the masculine, patriarchal guidance of men. You don't have to fit into someone else's definition of who you are. Learn to awaken the feminine within and allow the sweet nectar of feminine love to join your journey. Exploring our mind is crucial, as our minds feed our world. Nothing ever comes to fruition without first thought. Thoughts have the power to manifest our hearts desire. With the understanding that discomfort is inevitable, our perception of this pain will be challenged, in order to make way for true awakening.


፧ Conscious Heart. The next two moon cycles will dive deep into our heart space. Here we will allow our consciousness to flow to our emotions. Our emotions hold intense pain, as we have been taught to run away from the bad and run toward the good. This perception will shake up what you've probably been taught about your emotional world. Welcome this shaking with open arms to truly integrate what life has to offer. See emotions differently by understanding their purpose. Mindful awareness will guide us toward acceptance and serenity. Learn to feel at peace with whatever you're feeling. Acceptance is a powerhouse for change, thus we will also look at how to take conscious control of our emotions so they don't control us. No more fighting against the waves of feeling. Step out of the ring and allow your true Self to guide you.


፧ Conscious Spirit. The next two moon cycles will awaken the Spirit within. This phase will bring forth surrender, trust, magic, and dreams. We will allow our true Self to shine bright while beginning to align our life with our values. We will honor the calling and allow our radiant Selves to glow from within.


The final moon cycle is an opportunity to reflect and rest. Rest in gratitude, in creation, in acceptance. Consciously share your Self and your light with the world. Exude magic.


Sound life affirming? Life awakening? Life connecting? If this vibes with you, welcome yourSelf home. Join the conscious revolution.


If you are called to dive into this program, I invite you to accept the guidance, honor yourself and register. I am looking forward to connecting with you and holding the sacred space for your transformation.

10 Month Conscious Self Immersion: Service

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