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Alexandria Saunders

I am a licensed psychotherapist and a licensed addiction counselor. I am also a clinical sexologist and somatic therapist. As a holistic practitioner, my focus is on self connection through exploration and healing.  All to help you get to know and accept your true, genuine Self. Let me share a little about my journey.

I live in a beautiful valley in southwestern Montana with my lovely husband Kevin, our sweet as pie daughter Layla (gingers unite), and our pup Yena and kitty Luna.

My life didn't always feel this peaceful and free, though. Anyone else out there feel like they spent their 20s, maybe their 30s and beyond recovering from childhood? To be honest, that's what I often do, help others recover and discover their authentic Self that is often buried under harmful lessons from the past.


Trauma, Pain, Heartbreak, Depression, Unwanted Habits, Anxiety, Fear.

It is possible!! I'm a living breathing example.

I grew up feeling awkward and insecure. I am a red-head and never knew what to do with my hair so it often just laid on my head like a big, really big, ginger mop. I never felt pretty enough or smart enough, or as I got older, happy enough. Yuck! I was consumed with comparing myself to others and grew up super insecure. I dressed like whatever group I was with that week. I was into the music they were into and so on. You know the story maybe it's your story too. All of this was on top of growing up with divorced parents and on welfare. 

Enter my 20s where I panic and leave the country (another story for another day). Finding sounds like something we just do. We go out searching and: oh hey there we are! Not my experience. I didn't "find myself" because I was never lost.

It took me years of learning to awaken, connect and integrate my Self to actually like me and feel comfortable in my own skin. Years of uncertainty, anxiety, itchy feet, mixed dreams, etc. I haven't reached “there” because there is no destination. I will continue to awaken, connect, and integrate as my journey unfolds and I would love to help you do the same!

My calling is to guide people toward themselves so they dont't feel like they "need" me. The truth is, you don't need me, you need you.

Healing is an inside job but you gotta know where to start.  You, yes YOU, deserve to feel empowered, to create monumental shifts to truly transform your life. My purpose in life (yep I'm getting deep) is to help you become the guide. Learn to trust yourself by reconnecting to your true Self.


I’m looking forward to connecting with YOU!

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