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Clinical Hypnosis

Elicit change through focused attention.

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  • Can I work with you individually, as well as in a couple of settings?"
    Sometimes relationship counseling will solely involve the couple being present for all sessions. Sometimes, Alex invites each person to individual counseling. This can be used to simply help gain perspective of the issues and/or to increase background information of the individuals so that the therapeutic process can be more effective.
  • Is individual counseling necessary as well?
    Sometimes, Alex may refer one or both persons to individual counseling. This is not punishment, rather an opportunity to work on oneself, in order to form a healthy unit. This can be particularly helpful when there is a history of trauma that is hindering the progression of the relationship.
  • What if I am not in a “traditional” relationship?
    Alex is open to all varieties of relationships, including those considered “alternative.” This can include but is not limited to any form of consensual non-monogamy, open relationships, polyamory, or any relationship that you identify with.
  • Will relationship counseling keep my marriage intact?
    Relationship counseling is not necessarily marriage counseling. Sometimes people seek “marriage counseling” and ultimately the focus is on how to end the relationship in the healthiest manner for all involved. Alex will not focus on maintaining the relationship if one or both parties are determined to end it. This could be very oblivious or subtle. Conversations will always occur and nothing is identified as a new goal without consensus.
  • My partner abuses me, is relationship counseling right for us?"
    Simply put, no. If abuse is occurring, Alex suggests individual counseling and the focus should be on safety. There is no shame and blame for staying in an abusive relationship. There are many valid reasons why people stay. Often, this is grounded in a form of self-protection or protecting others, such as children. It may feel safer to stay than to go. This could be physical or emotional. There are many variables to consider. If Alex believes abuse is happening, this will be brought out and discussed openly, either in an individual or couples session. Safety will always be the priority and will take priority over any other goal. This includes physical, mental, and emotional safety. Often, both parties may be expected to engage in individual counseling to continue participating in relationship counseling. If safety is an immediate concern, please utilize the services locally through Aspen: (406) 222-5902, the website for Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence: and the National Domestic Violence Hotline offers both phone and chat options at:
  • All we do is fight?
    Skill building is often the focus. Fighting in the session will not be tolerated, as this is an ineffective use of time for all parties.
For clients with insurance in Montana, Conscious Counseling Services accepts

○ Medicaid

○ Healthy Montana Kids

○ Healthy Montana Kids Plus

○ Blue Cross Blue Shield

○ Aetna, Allegiance

○ Pacific Source

○ United Healthcare

○ First Choice

○ Montana Health Co-Op

Sometimes, insurance from out of state may be accepted if it is listed above. If your insurance is not listed, please contact us as there is a possibility we may be able to accept additional healthcare, though we are unable to accept Medicare. If you are located outside of Montana (or are seeking short-term hypnosis therapy only, for example for smoking cessation alone), a cash rate will be accepted. Rates are $150 per 50-minute session. Cash or check is also accepted, as well as Venmo and PayPal. A sliding fee scale may be available. Let's talk about your options.

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