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Conscious Stress


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28 days to reduce stress and anxiety. 


If you experience anxiety or stress, this course will speak to your soul and help you create shifts to reduce fear in your life.


Throughout this immersion course on fear, we will explore how fear creates anxiety and stress.


*First, learn to awaken to stress and anxiety by diving into the their true meaning. Each week, you will receive:


፧ Discussions focusing on the following topics: what stress and anxiety are and how they are connected to fear (and how it affects your body), identifying triggers and how this awareness can help reduce your reaction to stress and reduce anxiety. We will also explore the importance of integrating fear into your Self to create self-empowerment and increase self-control (because feeling out of control sucks)

፧ Take Action: You will receive an offering of multiple actionable ways you can reduce anxiety and stress 

፧ Writing prompts: connect with your Self on a daily basis by journaling, allowing your true Self to speak through you by putting pen to paper

፧ Conscious Commitments: Affirm your choice to create shifts by choosing to think differently. These affirmations will help you consciously commit to your Self and a new, lighter way of thinking (resulting in less fear and more love)

Begin your journey toward awakening, connecting, and integrating fear so you can take control, instead of it controlling you.

Go ahead, take your power back. Don't let fear stop you from living your life.

I accept the invitation
Conscious Fear: Service

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