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Holding Hands

Conscious Love

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Learn to connect with others in an intimate and non-aggressive manner through this 28 day self immersion course. You will receive an abundance of the following:

፧ Discussions focusing on disconnection from others and why it happens (and how to create positive shifts to increase true connection); the concept of emotional safety and why it's important to be able to identify emotionally safe people in your life; identifying emotional triggers; and consciously creating intimacy in your relationship.

፧ Activities, loving and gentle practices that will create a positive shift in your relationship

፧ Writing prompts to encourage daily journaling to maintain connection to Self by diving deep into love and fear in relationships

፧ Daily conscious commitments (affirmations) to maintain control of your thoughts by implementing choices of how you view yourself and your partner

Join me for this self home immersion course and receive a taste of the Your Conscious Self 10 month program, coming January 2019.

Go ahead, become your greatest guide

I accept the invitation
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