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Conscious Communication Course

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Have you ever struggled with communication? Maybe you often say "yes" when you really want to say "no," or you have trouble speaking up and asking for what you want. Maybe you have been taught that it's not ok to voice your feelings. Maybe you've had the same fight with your loved ones over and over and need a change. This course is a guide to unlearning lessons about communication and discovering new and healthy ways to get your needs met by conscious communication. Offerings in this 28 day self immersion course include:


Discussions focusing on awakening to unhealthy lessons you have learned about communication (typically stemming from childhood), explore personal triggers that cause anger and emotional reaction and detachment, learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries, dive into practical tools you can begin applying right away to increase the likelihood that your needs will be met

፧ Writing prompts that encourage daily connection with yourself to explore how values affect your behaviors and thoughts, ultimately affecting your quality of life


Conscious commitments (affirmations) to commit to living your life in alignment with your values and reduce inner conflict 


This course is a taste of the 10 month Your Conscious Self immersion program, coming January 2019.


Begin to increase consciousness and see if the Your Conscious Self course is right for you!

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