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So what is Tantra anyway?

Tantra has a reputation in the West of being a sexual practice, of 20 hour sexcapades (thanks Sting), orgies, and genital massage. In reality, these can all be a part of one’s Tantra practice, but Tantra runs much deeper than the sexual. Sex actually only makes up about 5% of Tantra. Really. I was personally shocked at this discovery when I began my Tantra studies and practice because I thought that Tantra was, for sure, a sex practice.

Coming from a sexology background as a sex therapist, I was looking for a practice that integrated spirituality into sexuality. There’s not a lot of them out there, to be honest. Tantra can offer this bridge in the most sacred ways, cultivating divinity in life itself, including sexuality.

Tantra at its core is about self knowledge and self awareness. Tantra weaves the energy all around and all within to help expand consciousness, ultimately transforming anyone who practices. With me so far? It gets really good, I swear!

Tantra is an ancient practice that focuses on the connection to the Divine within and all around us. This is one of the coolest aspects of Tantra. Tantra does not believe we need to worship anything outside of ourselves to gain enlightenment or forgiveness, rather Tantra emphasizes the innate nature we all have as Divine beings (totally cool, right??). Just for being you, you are divine (and exhale).

With Tantra, you don’t have to go to a church, temple, cathedral, mosque, or any other place deemed sacred. In Tantra, you are sacred. Just as you are. The world around you is sacred, just as it is. The chair you’re sitting on is holy, the water you drink is divine. Are you completely enraptured right now or what?

When I first dived into the teachings of Tantra, I felt at home. No need for worshiping a god? (though Tantra has a very special and unique relationship with the Goddess, but more on that later). No need to ask anyone outside of myself for forgiveness? Better yet, anything I do can be sacred? That knowledge felt like a while awakening, all on it’s own.

In it’s foundation, Tantra offers tender practices to guide oneself to the realization that coming home to oneself is, in and of itself, a divine act. Seeing with the eyes of the heart is sacred. Pleasure, in all forms is holy. And yes, sex can be incredibly divine. I’ll be sharing more on how Tantra works and specific practices to use for practical living from a conscious and pleasurable life.


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