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Mindful Moments Course

Dive into conscious body awareness with this 28 day self immersion course. Have you ever been intrigued by the concept of mindfulness? It is a practice that is growing in popularity and for good reason. Couples with years of research and grounded in tradition, Mindfulness can provide you with the knowledge of how to be present. I this course, you will learn the root of mindfulness and how to create practical, mindful moments daily to increase peace, joy, and satisfaction. This course will provide you with the following:


What is mindfulness? How does it work? What will it help with (physical, emotional, and mental issues), practical, easy tools to begin applying to your life today!

Guided meditations and visualizations 

to increase your awareness of your body by awakening consciousness without opinion or emotion, which can cloud your connection to your body.

Writing prompts

 to encourage daily journaling to maintain conscious awakening.

Daily conscious commitments

(affirmations) to practice and apply to begin creating shifts within your body and mind.


Join me and receive this taste of the 10 month Your Conscious Self Program coming January 2019.


Come home to your Self.

I Accept The Invitation
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