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Mindfulness Made Easy

Mindfulness is a topic that has gained in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Even with this newfound trendiness that ensues.mindfulness, many still find the concept daunting and difficult. Let's try to simplify it. Mindfulness means Objective Present Awareness. Basically, it's learning to pay attention to right now without judgement. This may sound easy but it can be quite challenging. Chances are you've spent much of your life learning how to worry, stress, regret, and resent. Our brains have created neural pathways based on the numerous lessons you've learned throughout your life. Mindfulness is another lesson. Learning to practice mindfulness can have a positive effect on your ability to regulate emotions, effectively manage stress, cultivate meaningful relationship, and boost your immune system (check out some research here). So let's learn. 1. The first step is to reduce your subjective language. This means letting go of judgements. Become aware of how often you use judging words to describe your thoughts, emotions, experiences, relationships, etc. Judging words are good, bad, horrible, wonderful, pretty, ugly, etc.

2. Don't judge your judging! Simply, call attention to this pattern of judging. We all judge, being mindful is about acknowledging and accepting your judgement (interestingly enough awareness creates change on its own).

3. Become aware of the present moment by noticing your breath. Just notice. Follow your inhale and follow your exhale. Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment and you are always breathing, so begin to notice it! If mindfulness triggers your fancy, subscribe to my website at You will receive a free Conscious Daily Habits guide to help jumpstart your day into cultivating mindful living. You will also be among the first to hear when my FREE online Mindfulness course goes live so you can continue developing mindful habits. On the Offerings page of my website, free guided mindfulness exercises. Practice! I am writing this blog with light and love. Take what works for you and leave the rest. May you awaken to your Self, connect with your inner light, and integrate consciousness. May you feel peace. May you trust your Self. Blessings.

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